Cloud Accounting Software

Powerful, efficient, scalable.

Max Accountants made the decision from day one that we were going to be a cloud-accounting firm. We pride ourselves on using the best-in-class software for each task; these have transformed the accounting experience of our clients and enable us to provide a cost-effective, efficient and scalable solution, regardless of a customer’s location.

And working with forward-thinking customers, it makes it especially important to us that we keep one eye on the ever-evolving accounting software market. We don’t hesitate to test and implement new pieces of software when we can see that they offer game-changing results in terms of efficiency or accuracy and even have a member of our team dedicated to driving this process forwards.

Below are some of our superstar products that we work with on a daily basis.



Xero is an easy-to-use accounting package that can be accessed from anywhere. Xero simplifies many of the daily bookkeeping tasks, especially the posting of bank transactions which are made directly from bank feeds from your bank. With the right daily and weekly bookkeeping procedures, timely and informative financial information is on hand as and when you need it.

We are Xero Gold Partners, which means you are in very safe hands regarding any accounting challenges you may be facing, and all of our clients use Xero; if you are currently using different software, we will help to migrate all of your standing and transactional date over to Xero.



Dext is an application that removes the need to manually key information from purchase invoices and receipts into Xero. They are simply submitted to Dext via email or the app and then processed by our bookkeeping team who allocate the correct accounting category, payment terms and check VAT flags. They then appear in Xero, along with an image of the invoice / receipt. The latter not only makes supporting documentation easy to find, but it also satisfies audit requirements and puts you well on your way to running a paperless business.



ApprovalMax is used for the raising and approval of purchase orders and also for the approval of purchase invoices. It is a workflow tool that directs POs and invoices to specific people for their approval and becomes particularly valuable as a business grows and different individuals become responsible for their own cost centres.



Fathom is an all-in-one reporting, analysis and forecast tool. It enables us to create customised management (and consolidated management) reports and share business results in a clear, compelling way. And the cash flow forecasting module is incredibly powerful, allowing us to build three-way cash flow forecasts that accurately project future financials and evaluate different scenarios.



Telleroo simplifies the process of making payments to suppliers and employees. Integrating with Xero, it removes the need to log into your bank account to manually set up individual payments, thus eliminating errors and the payment anxiety that comes with it, as well as saving a considerable amount of your valuable time.